We are Pandit

[Sanskrit /pændɪt/]
A wise, educated man with specialized knowledge.

Pandit Sports Consulting

One step ahead

We partner with you, whether you are a company, investor or professional football club,
to develop international B2B strategies to create lasting success in your target market in Europe or India.

With our approach, a reverse sponsorship model, we enable the internationalization
of your brand and business tailored to your individual needs and budget.
This is the way of Pandit, perfect preparation for your goals.

Yours Pandit Consulting Council

Getting you ahead of the game is our mantra

Internationalization is our work

Our Pandits come from various fields, including law, international business consulting,
corporate identity and brand design, football tansfer market, EU funding and competition venues.
We cherish the experience of age and the vigor of youth to go beyond and prepare for the future ahead.